Asperger’s Experiences & Personal Growth: Stephen’s Evolution

Autism and Social Development

June 06, 2023 Stephen McHugh Episode 10
Asperger’s Experiences & Personal Growth: Stephen’s Evolution
Autism and Social Development
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Social and communication skills development & their importance

Communication and interaction, verbal and non-verbal, body language, voice tone

Help you to progress in life, develop better communication skills, new friendships, people to talk to in difficult times, mental health, work well in teams, lead, influence, motivate, increased happiness

Social and communication experiences, challenges I’ve faced, things I’ve learned and obstacles overcome

Found making friends easier in junior school.
Invited to birthday parties during primary school.
Didn’t attend a birthday party after leaving primary school until the age of 18.

Challenges and overcoming them

Having and initiating conversations
Knowing when to join in a conversation
Inadvertently offending people
Inappropriate questions
Asking too many questions too quickly(questions which you know answers to)
Trying too hard to fit it
Too many different conversations at the same time
Group work - having someone to work with
Knowing when somebody has lost interest

Advice to improve social and communication skills

Speaking only when spoken to
Saying something rather than ask a question
Eavesdropping - Being told it's more polite to say 'Excuse me' when wanting joining conversation
Listening to what others have to say( Understanding others’ points of view)
Signs that I was getting better at joining in social situations (underlying improvement)
Joining in with students during breaks during one IT course
Being out with friends
Increased awareness of important events in the wider world

Coping Strategies

Having quieter areas to calm down and relax during busier and stressful times
Doing things that one enjoys
Consider smaller groups
Never any need for any particular special measures for me - always underlying improvement

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Importance of Good Communication Skills
Communication, Social Skills Development & Challenges
Advice to improve social and communication skills
Coping Strategies in Social Situations